My dad owed me ten bucks but instead of just giving me that he tossed out all the change he had in his pocket, yelled "just take it all goddammit!" and now I'm 16 dollars richer???

group pic of all my main pride OCs since I'm going to be busy the rest of the month with other things :>

from left to right the characters are --> Pompom, Jason, Sweetie, Felicity, Riley and Devon!

real internet friends are those who sit through you shouting about your love of pineapples for 5 minutes straight even though they hate pineapples themselves

Two mutant OCs I'm working on! Their names are Riley and Devon :>

I'm hoping to post one big picture with all my pride oriented characters before the month ends, but it'll most likely only be done after I finish my exams!

Touched up on this dude's design since I wasn't too happy with the original, looks better now!

my mom got me a vanilla chai latte im so fuckign happy right now akfjfhdh

A good boy I made in math class! His name is Pompom and I love him a lot >:0

I know I've been gone for god knows how long but I'm back baby! (hopefully with more art)

This was for a DTA on instagram a while ago, I didn't win lol

I look forward to posting here again! :>

Please check out this webcomic!! It's called Never Satisfied and I love Lucy so much smh, this is a redraw of one my favorite scenes with them

link to web comic - here!

link to my speedpaint - here!

wanted to draw my precious baby coatl I recently got uwu and if anyone wants to check Puddleshine or any other of my dragons out my user is OceanFrills :0

told myself id draw today but instead i joined flight rising and got nothing done smh


pumpkin -

hey guys!! I don't wanna seem like I'm "begging" (cause i usually feel guilty when i do) but i really need some commissions rn

my parents have been making jokes about kicking me out and its making me really anxious so I'd like to have some kinda safety net in case shit hits the wall

also the last 2 of my dad's pay days were shorted, so we haven't been able to buy groceries in a while too and we're running out of some of the essentials

if you can't afford to commission me, i ask that you reblog this + forward it to someone who might be interested in commissioning me

here's my sheet again:


i also have a patreon (PumpkinView) and a redbubble & teepublic (both are PumpkinStore)